«At the heart of our cellar is the wine that we want to create»

Completed at the beginning of 2020 in Gallinotto, in La Morra, Réva has created one of the most technologically advanced cellars in the area.

In the new production site, each tank is at controlled temperature and all the machinery and wood present have been customized, in order to meet the real production needs, adapting, time after time, to the different types of maturation and refinement processes, in accordance to the oenological objectives to be reached.

For us, using the best available technology does not mean replacing the work in the vineyard. Rather, it has the aim of preserving the purity of the harvested fruit, fully reinforcing the work done in the vineyard, enhancing the expressiveness of the different wines and the characteristics of the varietals.

Therefore, we have wanted to create a cellar equipped with "surgical", "efficient", "versatile" and "fully controllable" technology: applications and machines capable of accompanying the slow aging of the wine in the most subtle and delicate way possible, without putting any type of pressure, to guarantee and protect the bond between the land, the grapes and the wine.



Two step Sorting

The selection of the grapes is the first and fundamental step in order to make a wine of superior quality. The first selection takes place at the vineyard, during the manual harvesting of the grapes, while the second selection is done on a vibrating sorting table. The grapes are subjected to manual and mechanical control, to eliminate impurities, rotten or immature grapes.

Fruit perfection

The double sorting leads to a considerable reduction in production: only the most ripe, intact and healthy grapes reach the vinification process. We do not use any industrial yeast or products that activate fermentation, the perfection of the grape is our priority in order to achieve excellent wines.

The selection of wood

The fermentation of our Barolo crus takes place in truncated conical submerged cap vats. The barrel park for wine aging has been chosen by the best Austrian producers and diversified according to size and capacity. This allows us an extremely flexible, delicate, tailor-made refinement process which makes use of the size of the wood to emphasize the expressiveness of the wine and varies from season to season, based on the oenological results that we want to achieve.

A wine library

The spaces of the new cellar have allowed us to build a singular room, dedicated to the storage and aging of various vintages. A real “wine library” where part of the production will be stored year after year, in a position that enables their perfect preservation. Réva’s wine library will be the living memory of the vintages, and in the future, it will be able to create valuable collections.