The first core of Réva was born in 2011 thanks to the investments of Miroslav Lekes, a Czech entrepreneur, collector and great wine lover.

His dream is to open a cellar where it is possible to create the best wine possible by following an unprecedented and productive freedom of expression for the Langhe area. A wine capable of collecting the millenary tradition of these hills without prejudice, preconception or predetermined directions: a completely free wine, whose expressiveness is based on the choices and experiments put in place on a daily basis, not on the coat of arms or the legacy of the family history.

Next to the cellar, Miroslav has opened Réva Wine Resort, an accommodation facility designed to welcome visitors amidst the vineyards of Monforte d'Alba, for a 360° immersion in the world of Langhe wine.

Miroslav has entrusted both projects to a team of dynamic and passionate people: young people who have long lived in the places where they work at present and who have been able to combine their in-depth knowledge of Piedmontese wines with work experiences abroad, gathering views and ideas from the best international scenes. Réva's team represents the «New Wine Wave of the Langhe», the energy of the new generation who is not afraid to communicate with tradition, aware that, in order to carry it on, reinterpretation is necessary: butwithout losing one’s identity or sacrificing one’s roots.

An ethical choice of freedom

Réva is a project guided by a clear ethical choice, that of creating a sustainable agricultural organism where every natural and human element is in a mutual relationship. A place where quality is not imposed by higher powers, but a shared goal, which each team member pursues freely, motivated by one’s faith in the global project.


From 2011 until present, Réva has continued to invest in the most precious asset for wine, the land, referring not only to the rows and vineyards, but also to the cradle of biodiversity and the energy put at the service of wine quality.

Starting with the couple of hectares owned in Monforte d’Alba, new plots have been purchased in Serralunga d’Alba, Novello, Grinzane Cavour and, especially, in Roddino. Here, since 2018, Réva has founded a real agricultural district: 15 hectares of vineyards, woods, and hazel groves which makes up an unicum in Alta Langa and form a multifunctional rural environment in deep harmony with itself.



The expansion of the vineyard has required the construction of a new cellar, completed at the beginning of 2020 and located in Gallinotto, within the municipality of La Morra. A technological masterpiece at the service of the purity and expressiveness of wine. A place of experimentation and constant innovation, a welcoming location for visitors who want to know the world of Réva and the agricultural philosophy behind the project.